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custom orders

Custom prints are a special and truly unique way to document a special day out on the water. Perhaps your child or grandchild just caught their first fish? Are you particularly proud of your trophy catch and want to mark the occasion with something more than just a photograph (and your spouse isn't particularly fond of taxidermy)? I can note the date, the size of the fish, the person who caught it and any other information you would like on your custom fish print.

The fish needs to be kept whole, not gutted or damaged, wrapped in plastic or placed in plastic bag, put on ice or frozen. Please see the shipping perishable items page on FedEx's website for more information on shipping a fish to me for a commissioned piece. Once delivered to me it can take up to 3-4 weeks for the completion of the artwork.

Contact me so that we can discuss arrangements for delivery. Driving the fish to me is also an option if you are in proximity to Long Island, New York. Text me, Kristen Donato, at (516) 658-6130.

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